Do you remember updating your LinkedIn profile, or sprucing up your resume to get ready to look for a new job, or make new connections? If so, you’ll remember how difficult it was to pick that perfect profile picture. We have all been there more than once. So what did you end up doing? What most of us have done, upload that one picture all your friends thought was “great”.

So you go ahead and within seconds it’s uploaded. Now the job search begins. You start applying for jobs and sending out connection requests but you aren’t seeing the results you expected. While a headshot is not the end all be all, it is the first thing people see of you. Either online or on a resume, you have to make sure you stand out from the rest. This is when a headshot taken by a professional photographer comes in handy. You want to make sure the picture that represents you and your brand is one that you are proud of.

Your headshot is part of your brand, sometimes you need to invest in your brand. Here are a couple of things to consider before getting your headshots done. -Marcos

Finding a photographer that fits your style

On your search for a headshot photographer, the one thing I always emphasize to my clients is, make sure you like my style. After all, you want to make sure the photos last you a couple of years. Most importantly you have to be proud of them as it will be used to represent you to clients or possible employers.

Choosing the right photography package

Think about the different looks you may want to have for the different social media channels. This is what it’s called “looks” in the photography pricing world. You will notice as you start inquiring about different photographers this is something most highlight in their packages. Consider how many different outfits you may want to wear on the shoot and the looks you are trying to achieve. One good rule of thumb is to align your look with the industry you in. If you are unsure you can always consult with your photographer, and they can advise you on what to wear for your shoot. I have in my FAQs page some tips I always give my clients.

Considering whether to do an outdoor or indoor shoot

This is important and it will depend and what you as a client would like, and what the photographer offers. Outdoor shoots have the benefit of having diverse backgrounds, but, we live in South Florida and it gets HOT here. So keep the weather in mind when considering an outdoor photoshoot. There is an indoor shoot. Indoors shoots in my experience can happen in several locations. At the photographer studio, at the business, and even at a home. I happen to work only on location with a portable studio. My setup consists of a popup backdrop which is super portable and convenient, 3 lights, laptop for tether shooting and onsite proofing, reflectors, and of course my camera and lens. With an indoor shoot, you may want to think about your background. You may want a cool spot in your office or home to be the faded in the background or go with a simple background like seamless white for a super clean look, light grey or dark gray or complete black for a more moody shot, or very professional depending on how it’s done.


Make sure you look your best.

This is something I cover in my FAQs page as well. Going based on the look you want to achieve, think about what you would things you may need to do before the shoot. Whether that is shaving, getting a fresh haircut, doing your hair or dyeing it. Photoshop gives is photographer a lot of wiggle room but it can’t do it all, not would you want to as some edits just don’t look realistic and that would defeat the purpose of a headshot.



Don’t take a headshot for granted. A professional headshot is an investment you do on yourself and your image. Take some time to research the photographer and make sure you hire one which style you really like and thing can make you look your best.