Tips to get ready for your headshot session

In today’s digital age, your professional image is more important than ever. Whether you’re a job seeker looking to land your dream job, an executive aiming to make a powerful statement, or a business owner building your brand, your headshot speaks volumes about who you are and what you represent.

Corporate Headshots - On solid background

Men headshot session

  • Simple attire with no stripes or patterns, solid, vibrant, and mid-tone colors.
  • Several attires are recommended.
  • For corporate/professional shots, bring a few dress shirts (white, light blue, yellow, etc.) and a few ties, all freshly pressed.
  • Shave right before the appointment, unless you are going for a scruffy look. You should bring your own razor and shaving cream in case you decide to go for the clean-shaven look during the shoot.
  • If you color your hair, make sure the roots are not visible. It is tough and cost-prohibitive to correct.
  • Earrings and unibrow are not recommended.
  • Groom your beard, and especially the mustache.
  • Makeup tips
    • TIP 1: Men can benefit from a bit of makeup too. A simple powder or blotting paper will help remove shine and make your face look fresh and camera-ready.
Corporate Headshots - On solid background

Women headshot session

  • Simple attire with no stripes or patterns, solid, vibrant, and mid-tone colors.
  • Several attires are recommended.
  • For corporate/professional shots, bring solid color mid-tone or dark pantsuit/skirt and a few long sleeve shirts (light color) that work under the jacket, all freshly pressed.
  • If you color your hair, make sure the roots are not visible. It is tough and cost-prohibitive to correct.
  • Remove any unwanted facial hair.
  • If you wear earrings, simple studs are recommended.
  • Makeup and hair stylist recommended.
  • Makeup tips
    • TIP 1: Apply a white or neutral cream eyeliner to your lower lid’s water line (the very inside). This will wake up tired eyes and reduce any redness.
    • TIP 2: Skip the dewy and shimmery face products in favor of matte foundations, concealers, and powders. What looks pretty and dewy in real life, may look greasy when you’re in front of the lights.
    • TIP 3: To make your eyes appear bigger, take a white or cream shadow and apply it just to the inner corner of your eyes. Complement the light inner liner with a dark shadow liner on the top and lower lashes for big, beautiful eyes.
    • TIP 4: Use a darker shadow to contour your eye and add extra oomph. Don’t forget to blend!
    • TIP 5: Today’s shadows lean towards neutrals but a little color can’t hurt. To really make your eyes pop apply a color that coordinates with your eye color. Have blue eyes? Use copper or gold. Have green eyes? Use a mauve.

General Questions

What makes a great corporate headshot?

A great corporate headshot captures your professionalism, confidence, and approachability. It should reflect your personal brand and convey trustworthiness. A combination of proper lighting, composition, and posing helps create a headshot that stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

What do you wear to a corporate headshot photo?

When choosing an outfit for a corporate headshot, opt for professional attire that aligns with your industry and the image you want to portray. Dress in a way that reflects your personal brand and makes you feel confident. Solid colors, subtle patterns, and timeless styles work well. Avoid overly casual or distracting clothing that takes away from the focus on your face.

What is the best angle for a corporate headshot?

The best angle for a corporate headshot is typically a slight angle, rather than a straight-on shot. This can help add dimension to your face and create a more flattering and engaging image. A professional photographer will guide you to find the best angle that highlights your best features and showcases your unique personality.

Should I smile in my business headshot?

Smiling in your business headshot can project warmth and approachability, which is often desired in corporate settings. However, the decision to smile or not depends on your industry and the image you want to convey. In some professions, a more serious or neutral expression may be preferred. Discuss your goals with your photographer to determine the best approach for your business headshot.

Good Business Headshots

Good business headshots capture your professionalism and personality while aligning with your brand. They should be well-lit, well-composed, and showcase your best features. A good business headshot helps you make a positive first impression, build credibility, and establish a connection with your target audience or potential clients.

Why are corporate headshots important?

Corporate headshots are important because they serve as a visual representation of your professional identity and personal brand. They provide a first impression to clients, colleagues, and potential employers. A high-quality corporate headshot can convey professionalism, trustworthiness, and approachability, helping you stand out in a competitive business environment. It establishes a visual connection with your audience and enhances your online presence across platforms such as LinkedIn, company websites, and marketing materials.

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