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Welcome to The Mobile Headshot

My name is Marcos, photographer, and owner of The Mobile Headshot.

Unlike many photography studios, headshots are all I do. They are my specialty.

I ensure all subjects feel welcomed and comfortable. The headshot sessions are not timed to ensure you get the shots you envisioned. The best part about The Mobile Headshot as the name implies is that it’s 100% mobile. I bring the studio to your home or office where you will be totally comfortable and with easy access to all of your clothes to make it possible to try different looks in the same session.

I always take a quality-over-quantity approach towards my sessions on doing 2 a day and by appointment only. The headshot sessions are not timed to ensure you get the shots you envisioned and try as many looks as you would like. After each session, we can sit down and select your photos, or you may opt for an only proofing gallery and select the photos at your own time.

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Corporate Headshots

In today’s digital world, every professional needs a headshot that inspires trust, whether that’s to use on social media or a company website. Our individual and group corporate headshots help you put your best foot forward, connect with employers, customers, and investors, and win more business – it’s that simple.

Acting headshots

Your acting headshot is the first thing a casting director will look at when sorting through submissions. It’s your big opportunity to make a stellar impression. What does yours say about you? An excellent acting headshot showcases the nuances of your facial structure while ensuring you appear professional and experienced. It’s about being authentic while highlighting your potential and versatility. Our approach to headshot photography for actors will help you impress the casting director so they take the next step and watch your demo reel.

Here you can see me at a recent session setting up the studio.

Client Testimonials

Here is what some clients have to say about us.


Customer Satisfaction ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Marcos was absolutely amazing. Punctual, professional, made it easy to smile. I was very pleased with the service and the end product. Highly recommend!


Robert Condito

NRL Mortgage

Loved the convenience of them bringing the set-up to us! The photographer was very accommodating, and the photos turned out great!! Highly recommend.


Kim Goss

Coastal Pacific Wine & Spirits

Excellent service. Great Price. Very organized and responsive. The pictures came out great. The biggest plus is that he came to my house on time with his whole setup. Which was so convenient. I definitely recommend it.


Phill Jackson